We are excited that you want to know more about Cross of Grace. Our desire is that you will feel welcomed when you visit, and that you will come to know our faithful, sovereign God in Jesus Christ.

Service Time & Location

Sunday Celebration Service

Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00am in the Chaska Community Center Theatre
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Our Sunday Celebration service is a joyful response to who Jesus is and what He has accomplished for us on the cross. Our services consist of preaching from the Bible and worship through music and singing. We want everything we do on a Sunday morning to center on Jesus. Read about what you can expect below.

Sunday Celebration Service


Part of our Sunday service includes music and singing. Some songs are older hymns while others are more modern. Our focus isn’t on the style of worship music, but on the One we worship—that’s Jesus.


God made us to need each other. Jesus not only saves us from something (our sin) but He also saves us into something (the church). The church is a family, and as a family, we want to live life together.


Jesus is the focus and His Word (the Bible) is our message. So our pastors preach through Books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, with a desire to let the Bible speak for itself, with Jesus as the Hero.


To help parents, we have ministries for kids from newborn to fifth grade. Simply arrive 10 minutes early for our Sunday service (which begins at 10:00 am) and we can get your children registered and checked in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dress for Sunday’s service?

However you’re comfortable—whether that’s a suit & tie, or cargo shorts & flip-flops.

Can I keep my kids with me during the service?

Sure. Kid’s ministry is there to serve you, the parent.

Is Cross of Grace non-denominational?

We are part of a family of churches called Sovereign Grace Churches. You can read more about it at www.sovereigngrace.com.

How long does a typical Sunday service last?

We start at 10:00 am., and usually dismiss between 11:30—11:45 am.

What is the typical service order on a Sunday?

Songs of Worship
Greeting One Another (and Kids Ministry starts)
Updates and Announcements, Testimonies
Bible Teaching
Song of Response

Why do you meet at the Chaska Community Center and not a traditional church building?

We wouldn’t mind having a church building, and are planning and preparing to have one in the future. But here are some advantages of being at the CCC:

  1. It saves money. Since we don’t have a mortgage, this allows us to free up resources for other areas in our mission.
  2. We like being in a place where non-Christians (or non-churched) people feel welcome.
  3. We love being in the heart of our community!