We Are Missional

Values Series – We Are Missional

Text: Matthew 28:16-20

Big Idea: Disciples of Jesus make disciples of Jesus.

1. Our mission exists for Jesus’ glory and because of his authority vs 18

A mission involves being sent to accomplish a task or purpose.

What Jesus has achieved to give us right relationship with God is the foundation for the mission. Being missional then – is being first and foremost about knowing and worshipping Jesus. It is about the person and work of Jesus. It’s all about Jesus.

See Luke 19:10

2. Our mission is living sent to make disciples vs 19-20a

Our “purpose” or “task” then is to “go and make disciples.” This is the essence of the mission of the church.

As disciples are made, they will then be baptized (picture of union with Christ, entrance into the church) and learn and obey Jesus’ teaching. This is intrinsically connected to the church.

We are to live sent, as we go, declaring the gospel.

See John 20:19-21

3. Our mission must come through radical dependence on God’s presence. vs 20b.

God sent his Son – who’s mission continues through his people in the power of the Holy Spirit. We cannot be courageous or effective without the active dependence on and work of the Holy Spirit.

See Acts 1:8, 4:29

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