Good News of Great Joy

TEXT: Luke 2:8-14

Big Idea: “Christ’s mission is our message, the good news that Jesus has reconciled God and man.”

Jesus born in a manger was not the end – it was the beginning. The reason Jesus came, and the good news of His life and death and resurrection, is the gospel message that continues.

From the story in Luke 2, we see that the gospel is…

1. A Message spoken from Heaven. (Luke 2:9)
The angel’s announcement reminds us the message of the gospel came from God Himself. God did use men to write the words, but the Word is from Him, inspired by God the Holy Spirit. That’s important for us to see and to remember. In life, we can often become discouraged by a culture who sees the gospel as foolishness, and who looks upon the Bible as man-made.

Every word in Scripture is given to us for our encouragement and edification. The Bible is God’s message about Himself, and about His amazing rescue plan to save sinners. It was written to us, for us to know Christ, the Savior of the world.

2. A Message given to share. (Luke 2:10-12)
We have good news to share. In God’s love, He gave us Jesus. And in God’s wisdom, He gave us language. Jesus saves and language communicates. And now we are all called to spread the fame and the story of Jesus through words. The angel said, “I bring you” good news. It wasn’t hidden. It was proclaimed. God gave the good news of the gospel to announce it – to proclaim it.

We share this news because it’s good news. We share the news because it’s news that brings great joy. Because Christ came, we are not longer hopelessly trapped and lost in our sin, separated from God. God loves mankind so much that He sent His only Son to rescue us.

3. A Message that we should celebrate. (Luke 2:13-14)
The angels rejoiced. A curtain was pulled back between heaven and earth, and this army of angels broke out in a doxology, an expression of praise and celebration, singing “Glory to God in the highest.” They knew that God was sending Jesus to defeat evil, free us from sin, to bring peace and reconcile mankind with God. They knew Jesus was coming to save people from their sin. And they were excited. The gospel should cause us to celebrate – to rejoice!

Where sinful hearts rebel against God, Jesus bought our forgiveness and our pardon. Where our sin rejected a holy God, Jesus brought peace. And that is worth celebrating!

And even after Dec. 25th comes and goes, and the decorations are put away for another year, we don’t pack away the mission. The good news of the gospel will continue to be preached and proclaimed and sung and celebrated the other 364 days of the year. Hold to this good news today. Believe it with all your heart. Share it with your words. And celebrate it with your life.

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