The Incarnation: Creator Enters Creation

(Upcoming Sermon Outline for Sunday, Dec. 9th. Advent sermon #1)

TEXT: Colossians 1:15-20

Main Idea: Jesus is eternally Lord over absolutely everything.

1. Jesus is the Lord of Creation. (Col. 1:15-17)

To truly appreciate Jesus as the Christ of Christmas, we must first see Him as the Lord of Creation.

(v. 15) Paul identifies Jesus as “the image of the invisible God”, meaning that Jesus is God whom we can see. In Jesus, the invisible becomes visible. So when Paul says Jesus is the “image” of the invisible God, he is pointing not only to Jesus’ divinity, but also to His humanity. Jesus, fully God, came to earth to redeem His creation, to restore what sin had destroyed, as only God could. And Jesus, fully man, came to triumph where Adam failed, to recover what Adam forfeited, to reconcile what sin had separated.

(v. 16) Everything was created “through” Jesus. He was the agent of creation, the means by which all things were made. And all things were made “for” Jesus. That means Jesus is the goal, the intended purpose of all of creation – all for His glory. Jesus is eternally Lord over absolutely everything.

2. Jesus is Lord of the Church. (Col. 1:18-20)

(v. 18) Not only is Jesus the Lord of all Creation, over all that He has made, but Jesus is Lord of the Church. It’s one thing to Christ’s role in the large picture of creation, and then to see Christ’s intimate care for His Church. It’s like this: I can tell you that I care about the children of the world. And I can tell you I care about my child. There’s a difference. There’s a deeper level of intimacy and care. Paul is saying, “The one who made the universe is the one who has come near and died for you.”

And who are these people that Jesus came for in the first place? Why was this baby born in a manger? What was the purpose? It was for His people. Jesus came for His people. He came to seek and save the lost, to rescue a people for Himself. Jesus came for the Church.

As creator, He would have been just in letting us all die in our sins. But He didn’t. In His mercy, God sent His Son, the agent of all creation, the Lord of all things, to come to the earth.

The pre-existent Christ: Remember that the baby in that manger is the same one who put the all the stars in the heavens and knows them by name. That’s how big our Jesus is.

The preeminent Christ: Jesus is eternally Lord over absolutely everything. And this same Jesus – who made it all and who rules over it all – came to save you. He did it all for you.

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