Here I Am, Send Me

TEXT: Isaiah 6:1-8

Big Idea: “God has called us to mirror His glory everywhere by sharing the gospel of Jesus with everyone .”

1. Our Mission is a response to God’s majesty. (Isaiah 6:1-3)
Isaiah is confronted with God’s bigness, His profound glory and His limitless power. Those who spread the gospel are those who have first been confronted with God’s glory. Our motivation for spreading the gospel cannot be obligation alone. It must come from a heart that has been changed, a heart that has been transformed by the utter majesty of God Himself. Our witness, our mission, is a response of those who have seen the beauty of God in the gospel, and who cannot help but to tell others about the beauty they have seen. And as Jesus is lifted up, He will draw all men to Himself (John 12:32).

2. Our Mission reminds us we need God’s grace. (Isaiah 6:4-7)
In light of God’s holiness, Isaiah immediately saw his sinfulness and the sin of his own people,. God’s holiness humbles us. But our desire to spread the gospel to others could never be complete if all we saw was sin. The gospel is good news. We are motivated on our mission because of God’s kindness and forgiveness shown to us in Christ. When we remember how patient God was with us, how much He has forgiven us, that will give us patience and compassion for those God sends us to. God’s grace will soften our hearts, and God’s grace to empower us for mission.

3. Our Mission means we are God-sent. (Isaiah 6:8)
After experiencing God’s glory and forgiving grace, Isaiah responds to God’s call by saying, “Here I am! Send me.” Even before God reveals what that message will be, Isaiah is ready to go on God’s mission. When we truly experience God’s grace, we will want to tell others. And when God sends us, we won’t need all the details first. We will trust His guidance and be willing to lay down our lives for His mission. Some are called to stay. Some are called away. But we are all called to be on mission, and to support others on mission, with prayer and with our finances. God is reminding us of that call today. May we hear and answer with faith, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.”

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