Remember, He Has Risen

Text: Luke 24

When it comes to spiritual things we all can have a short memory. Without reminders, we can forget the gospel. The desires of our hearts and the noise of the world drown out the whispers of truth when the Holy Spirit is pointing us to Christ and to His word. Out of sight, out of mind. So, we need to be reminded. And the resurrection of Jesus provides three important reminders:

Remember What Jesus Said

All through the Gospel narratives, we see Jesus reminding His disciples that He must die and that He would resurrect. And when the women went to the tomb even the angels had to remind them of what Jesus said, that He promised to rise on the third day (v. 5-8).

The women ran back and told the disciples but the disciples didn’t believe them. At that moment, the resurrection was an idle tale to them (v. 11). For the men who were closest to Jesus, the beautiful news of the resurrection was nonsense.

Yes, they forgot, because unbelief can be a form of purposeful forgetting – to have heard the truth, but choose not to trust it. To understand the truth with our heads, but not believe it with our hearts.

Peter decided to go and see for himself (v. 12). Peter knew if what Jesus said was true, then Jesus was more than just a man. He is God.

Remember Who Jesus Is

The next account in Luke 24 is of two disciples traveling on the road to Emmaus. A stranger joins them on their journey. He asks what they’re talking about. They look at him like he’s crazy. “Where have you been? Are you the only one who doesn’t know how our Lord Jesus was crucified?” They didn’t recognize the stranger was the risen Jesus.

They did not believe He has resurrected. So without realizing it, these two disciples were confessing their doubt in the resurrection of Jesus, to the resurrected Jesus. They forgot what Jesus said, that He would die and resurrect from the dead. That means they also forgot who Jesus is.

Jesus reminds them that “the Christ” the Anointed One, is the one the prophets said must suffer and die. And instead of miraculously revealing Himself so that they recognized Him by physical appearance, Jesus takes them to Scripture (v. 25-27).

His Word affects us and reminds us of who He is. And when we remember what Jesus said and who He is, something else happens…

Remember Who We Are and What We’re Called to Do

Huddled and hiding in a room, fearful and full of doubt, the disciples forgot what Jesus had said, who Jesus was, and because of that, forgot who they were. And notice what disciples do when they forget who they are. They:

-dwell in doubt and fear

-lose their effectiveness as witnesses

-need evidence to believe

-neglect Scripture

Jesus appears to His disciples and again reminds them of what He said and who He is. And then He reminded them who they were. They were his witnesses (v. 46-49). Jesus took their fearful, doubting minds, and opened them to the blinding light of the gospel in Scripture. And He does the same for us today.

Just like these disciples, we forget. And yet, Jesus is faithful. Just as He did this for these disciples, He will do the same for us today. The Holy Spirit reminds us. He opens our minds to understand the gospel and opens our hearts to believe and live the gospel.

Remember, He has risen! And at the appointed time, our Resurrected Savior will return as our Victorious King, and we will be with Him forever. Until that Day, let us remember Him, worship him, and proclaim His gospel to the ends of the earth.

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