2 Timothy

About the Sermon Series

Facing death has a way of bringing clarity, a way of cutting through the distractions and the petty things, and reminding us what is really important. 2 Timothy is the last letter the Apostle Paul would ever write to Timothy, and maybe his last letter ever. And this clarity of purpose, of what’s important in this life in light of eternity, permeates every verse. Paul knows that his end is near. So this last letter takes on a very personal tone, expressing to Timothy some of the most important things he needs to know – not only as a pastor, but also as a spiritual son and a friend. Hardship and suffering are a recurring theme. But there’s another truth, a greater reality woven through the tapestry of the letter, and that is Jesus is always with us – sustaining us in the all-sufficient truth of God’s word, and indwelling every believer with the power of the Holy Spirit. Because of that, we have more to be grateful for than we have to grieve.

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