About the Sermon Series

God hears the cries of His enslaved people. He sends a leader, a mediator to free them. Through the blood of the lamb they are protected. Through the power and provision of God they are led through a wilderness world to a promised land. The journey is hard. The grumbling of the people is often louder than their praise. But God is gracious. He dwells with them. He is faithful to His covenant, and He leads them. He is their God and they are His people.

From the constant complaining of a people who has every need provided, to the faithfulness of God causing His people to cross over from death to life – the story of Exodus is our story. It is one of the clearest reflections of the gospel in the Old Testament. This epic Book of the Bible, reminds us of the God who redeems a people so that we might know Him and worship Him.

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