Realm is an online tool to help our body connect with one another better, build community and communicate effectively – from the church to you and you to the church.

Realm is the central communication tool for members of our church. Join today by requesting an invite from a community group leader.

Questions & Answers

Why does Cross of Grace need Realm?

Realm is an online tool that strengthens our gospel community by facilitating ministry and communication among members by providing a place to share news, discussions, prayer requests and ministry needs, as well as organize events, community groups and service opportunities. Ultimately, Realm enables us to better be the body of Christ.

Is Realm just another social network?

No. Popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter are geared toward individuals and their needs. Realm is geared toward groups and the needs of the local church. Also, whereas most social networks create and replace community, Realm merely supplements community that already exists.

How will the church communicate via Realm?

Our pastors and ministry leaders will communicate to our body on an entire church level, sharing ministry opportunities, prayer requests, event information, etc. Leaders (such as Community Group leaders) will communicate to groups and volunteers. Group members will communicate with one another and their leader. There are endless ways for the church to communicate via Realm.