To Suffer Well – A Story

I want you to meet some people. Some people I greatly admire, and have a very deep respect for. Matt and Helen Lowe were one of the first faces we saw when Hilary and I drove up to our town-home in Maryland in 2009. Exuberant. Joyful. Poised to serve. It was seen in their boys unloading our truck, to them offering to buy us Taco Bell for lunch as we unpacked boxes.

And unknowingly this family was in the midst of suffering. Matt had been fighting an ongoing battle with a brain tumor. We witnessed him go into surgery, recover, and their family walk through many dark nights. Yet, we witnessed the sustaining grace of God in the midst of suffering, pain, and uncertainty. We observed a hope that flowed through reliance upon God’s power and His Word.

I want to share their story with you. One of Helen’s recent blog posts points directly to Joseph (where we are in our current sermon messages) and it being a reminder of God’s nearness in our trials. I encourage you to read it. He still faces ongoing dangerous seizures, and is heading into another brain surgery. Their story has greatly impacted our lives – and pray it would do the same for you, to build your faith in a good God, who’s immeasurable love can be trusted even in our dark days.