Learning to Pray…Again

Thabiti Anyabwile, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman in the Grand Cayman Islands, offers a helpful reminder to us of the joy (and struggle) with living a life of prayer. Here’s a small sample…

God wants me to pray, and I want to pray to God.  And I’m praying.

But I’m not “good at it,” whatever being “good” at prayer means.  Even thinking of being “good” at prayer reveals an insidious performance mentality and pride.  Why not be rough and unpolished but genuine with God?  Why not depend upon Christ’s offering of himself as my High Priest and righteousness rather than seeking to be “good” at prayer?

My mind still wanders.  I talk too much in prayer.  My petitions dominate rather than praise, though a bit less so of late.  My requests seem hopelessly earthbound and physical rather than heaven-soaked and spiritual.  I battle fatigue, which seems to pounce on me the moment my mind turns to prayer.  And when I think of what God has done in my life through Christ His Son, I must admit that my prayers are weak and uninspired.  He does far more than I have ever asked or thought.

So, I’m learning to pray… again.  And I’m enjoying the learning.

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