Sunday Worship Guide, May 10, 2020

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10:00 AM – GATHER & SING


Read – Psalm 105:1-8

Take a moment to give thanks in prayer to God for our gathering! Feel free to pause and respond in prayer throughout this time.

He is Our God –

Read – Colossians 1:11-14. Thank and praise God that for giving us full access to God and are now sons and daughters in his kingdom of light.

Now Why this Fear? –

His Mercy is More –


SERMON – Hebrews 4:14-16 – “The Throne of Grace” – Scott Crook

Visit the Cross of Grace YouTube Channel to view the sermon. (Watch on device, laptop, or view it on your TV. Here are some helps to connect TVs.)

 (Print sermon note sheets for children prior to sermon) Younger Children  or  Middle School


Take time now to respond to the preached word.  Ask some questions:

1. When you think of God’s “throne” of “grace” how does putting those two words together bring you encouragement? How is Jesus central in this picture?

2. What are one or two of the main reasons that can tempt you not to go to Jesus in prayer for all your needs? What’s one need you have right now that you could take to Him today?

3. What does it mean to approach God’s throne “with confidence”? How does the gospel make this possible?


Response Song- Jesus There is No One Like You –

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