Sunday Worship Guide, March 29, 2020

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10:00 AM – GATHER & SING


Read the following scripture together:  Psalm 27:1-5, 13-14

Take a moment to give thanks in prayer to God for our gathering. Allow 2-3 prayers to be offered flowing from the opening scripture reading.


Take time to sing together with the following worship videos.

Build My Life –

Psalm 62 –


SERMON – “Consider Jesus, Greater than Moses”, Hebrew 3:1-6, Scott Crook 

Visit the Cross of Grace YouTube Channel to view the sermon. Sermon will broadcast at 10:30am. Be sure to “Subscribe” for future reference. (Watch on device, laptop, or view it on your TV. Here are some helps to connect TVs.)

   (Print sermon note sheets for children prior to sermon) Younger Children  or  Middle School


Take time now to respond to the preached word.  Ask some questions:

  1. “What we behold, we will become.” Does this prove true in your life? What (or who) are you tempted to look to for comfort and peace instead of Christ?
  2. Jesus is the “builder of God’s house”, and that house is us. How can this truth bring encouragement to us, even as we are not able to meet together? (Read 1 Peter 2:4-5 aloud).
  3. “If you endure you’ll be saved, because if you’re saved you will endure.” How should this truth bring comfort instead of fear, especially in times of trial?


 (Suggested Response Song) Turn Your Eyes-

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