Palm / Passion Sunday

This Sunday is Palm / Passion Sunday, traditionally known as the beginning of Jesus’ last week before He is crucified. For the sermon this Sunday, we will not only focus on Palm Sunday, but we are also going to walk through each day of that week leading up to Jesus’ death and burial in a message entitled, “The Week that Changed the World”.

We will be drawing from different gospel accounts and different verses of the Bible to go on a day-by-day journey of Jesus’ last week. Along the way, we will take time and reflect on what we are to learn and apply to our own lives from each day.

So instead of posting a sermon outline today, I’ll be posting each day next week, beginning Monday, a list of scriptures for what took place each day of Passion Week to witness Christ’s redemption unfold. We will also post a short video link to a series by Crossway, providing detailed descriptions by various theologians and professors on each of the final days of Jesus.

As we celebrate and reflect on Holy Week, please join me in praying that the person and work of Jesus will be especially clear to us, that our hearts will be renewed with joy and awe of our Lord and what He accomplished for us, and that the gospel will go forth and transform lives.

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