Mature Disciples

Big Idea:  “Spiritual maturity means growing more in the image of Christ and helping others do the same.”

1.              Mature disciples are unified in the faith.            (Ephesians 4:11-13)

The ministry of evangelism and discipleship is not just for pastors. It’s for every Christian. We are all called to these things. We’re in the trenches together. And that brings unity. When people put aside personal agendas and they sacrifice for a cause bigger than themselves, that is unity. And that’s what God wants for His church. A mature church is a people who are easily edified and easily unified. We will be quick to rejoice, quick to see our own sin before seeing others, quick repent to God and one another, quick to give grace and grow in grace.

2.            Mature disciples are stable in Scripture.            (Ephesians 4:14)

To be spiritually immature almost always means we are not spending time in The Book. If we don’t know what the Bible says about God, we will believe things about God that are not true. We will believe things that sound good or feel good that are just plain wrong. To grow from a child to an adult, there has to be an anchoring in what is real and true. And the way we mature spiritually is to know what is real and true as it is laid out in the Bible.

3.         Mature disciples love God and each other             (Ephesians 4:15-16)

Jesus summarized the law this way: Love God will all you are, and love one another. First and foremost, we love God with all that we are. We are able to do that because He first loved us and gave His Son for us. Only through Christ can love God as we should. And that vertical relationship is meant to then flow horizontally, to one another. The church is to build itself up “in love”. Maturity is only made possible if we walk in in love. And this kind of love is more than a warm feeling. It is a profound transformation of the heart that leads to action, rooted in a self-denying, Christ-exalting care for another.


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