Biblical Counseling Series


“You need to see a professional.”

When it comes to our culture of counseling, these words are common. But as followers of Christ, there are questions we need to ask.

What does the Bible have to say about my depression? My anxiety? Anger management? Is it ok for a Christian to take medication for these things? What about psychologists / psychiatrists? What role should my pastors, the church, and the Bible play in counseling me, in counseling my family?

Come to DIG and let’s explore together how to make gospel connections that transform our lives:

March 2 – “Applying the Gospel – The Counseling Culture and the Church”
April 6 – “Blame it on the Brain – Anxiety, Depression, Meds and the Bible”
May 4 – “Burden Bearing – Creating a Culture of Care in our Church”

DIG is on the first Saturday of each month, from 8:30-10:00 AM at the church offices. We encourage couples to plan out, and possibly babysitter swap with alternating months so spouses can come and learn together.

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