Church Membership

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At Cross of Grace we are a family—a fellowship of believers who seek to glorify God by treasuring, living, and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is this purpose that we seek to fulfill as a church, and it is this purpose with which you are joining yourself as a member of Cross of Grace.

Learn more about our membership through our Foundations Class.

Foundations Class

Our membership class is offered at various times throughout the year. This 7-week class explores the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is lived out in our local church. We examine what it means to be a member of Cross of Grace, our core doctrinal beliefs, values, and the “foundations” of our lives together as a local church. This class is required for those seeking membership at Cross of Grace, though taking the course does not commit you to membership.

Classes are from 8:45-9:45 am at the Chaska Community Center just prior to service. Childcare will be provided.