The Harlot and the Bride

TEXT: Revelation 19

We are to see the irony of what just happened in Chapter 18 against Babylon. Babylon couldn’t save herself. God is the one who has brought salvation. Babylon is the one who attempted to adorn herself with money, riches and glory, and is now nothing. Yet, God is the only who is adorned with true glory. Babylon who had great ships and kings and wielded power for a short time, has been demolished. God is the only one, on his throne with all power.

He is also just and true in all his ways. The great harlot was guilty on all counts against God because of her immorality. We have witnessed and seen the corruption, and she has received her just punishment. Heaven rejoices in this! It also rejoices over God avenging the death of his martyrs/saints (fulfilling the prayer from 6:10).

Our hearts are wired to desire justice and hate injustice. One day God will make all things right for us. At times this is hard, because we are called to suffer injustices like our Savior (1 Peter 2:21-23). Yet we are called to trust that he is “true and just.”

God’s reign is now supreme. This pronouncement is in contrast to what we have witnessed so far in Revelation by Satan and the prostitutes attempt to reign. All the defunct, incompetent, evil rulers and governments will all fail and cease. God will reign!

We see in scripture that Israel is described as being married to God. He is the husband, and she was to be His faithful covenant keeping wife. But over and over again she was unfaithful to him, giving herself to other lovers. God spoke of a new covenant, between the Lord and his people. The New Testament speaks of this marriage between Jesus and his bride, the Church that He secured in his life, death and resurrection (Matt 9:14,15, Matthew 22:1-14, 25:1-13, John 3:29).

The Bride is “made ready”, by God clothing her in His righteousness. “It was granted her to clothe herself” – God grants, by his Son Jesus, who cleanses us with is blood so that all his righteous deeds are counted as our own. Our clothes stained by sin are washed white. We also “stay ready” by enduring as His people by the Holy Spirit empowering us through faith and repentance, and continually walking in obedience to His ways.

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