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The Cross of Christ

Who we value more than anything is Jesus. And He has given us the mission to spread the gospel – the good news of what He accomplished when He died on the cross. His death paid for our sins. He took God’s wrath upon Himself. And through faith in Christ, we are fully and completely forgiven. That’s why the gospel is the hope of the world. We’re called to reach our community with that message. And the best visual of that message is the cross.

 The Grace of Christ

The cross is the “what”. Grace is the “how”. We are not saved by our good deeds. We are saved by God’s grace – a gift we do not deserve. And that’s how we want people to experience the gospel in our church – through the abundant grace of God. God didn’t save us because He had to. God saved us because He loves us. We want others to know God’s grace through the gospel. And we want to reflect that grace to others through our lives.

“Cross of Grace” – a unique combination of words, we admit. A symbol of torture mixed with a statement of love. But that’s the point. Because of God’s holiness, Jesus died to pay for sin. And because of God’s grace, Jesus offers us the gift of forgiveness. His cross is one of great grace.

That’s why we exist – to follow Jesus and to help others follow Jesus, with our eyes firmly fixed on His Cross of Grace.

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